About American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center

Our Story

American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center in Corpus Christi started with hard work, dedication, a dream and a very strong pedigree. That pedigree begins with multiple World Champion Thai boxer, Kick-boxer and Former UFC Champion, Maurice Smith. Our Professional Fighting System is a fusion of Maurice Smith and our founder, Freddy Medellin's techniques, tactics and teaching styles.  We are also under Old School Grappling Catch Wrestling Association and we are very proud to be with this team and instructors.

This system has over 100 combined years of fighting experience and has been tested in the ring, the cage and on the mats. Its a no non-sense approach to instruction and goes deep into the proper technique and body mechanics of the striking and grappling arts. We strive to make positive changes to teaching methods and training drills. We offer many evening classes in Corpus Christi because we believe its essential in the development process.

Since our founding, American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey. Well known as a professional and super knowledgeable Martial Arts Academy in the Corpus Christi area, we provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels.


Training at American Revolution Muay Thai & Submission Center will help everyone reach their maximum potential both in and out of the gym. In our classes you will learn martial arts, self defense, train to compete or simply to lose weight and feel great. It is our belief that proper training in martial arts will benefit everyone, whatever their goals are.

Our members lose weight and become stronger because the workout is in the martial arts we teach. Our main concern is to give our members the best workout and the best instruction. Our gym is full of many different success stories; from girls that thought they would never fight but now do, to members who have lost 30, 50 and even over 100 pounds! Give us a try and see for yourself.

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