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10 Essential Tips for Beginners

Learn and Grow

1. Pace yourself when you are starting out in class.  Don't expect to keep up with everyone in class.  We all have to start somewhere and build up.

2. Get good sleep every night.  Sleep and rest are very important when it comes to the way your body and brain perform.

3. Show respect to your instructors and your fellow students.  A martial arts academy is a place for positive attitudes and honor.  We honor each other with respect and helpful motivation.

4. Stretch as much as possible.  Students will take the time to stretch before and or after class.  You will perform better and have less injuries if you are flexible.

5. Footwork, footwork, footwork!  Footwork is key if you want to be a successful martial artist.  Find a love and passion for footwork and watch your skills skyrocket.

6. Always dress the part.  If your academy has a dress code, make sure to stick to it.  It it does not have a dress code, always try and dress the part.  Feeling like you are ready starts with what you are wearing.  Dress the part and it puts your mind in a specific place to be ready to learn.

7. Make slight changes in your daily diet.  Martial arts doesn't require a perfect diet but you will find that the food you eat fuels you and certain foods will not give your the proper fuel to excel in martial arts.

8. Drink lots of water.  Many students realize that they aren't drinking enough water during the day. Water is super important and not drinking enough water can hinder your learning and physical fitness.

9. Focus on the techniques not the speed or power.  We all have our own natural speed and power, what we do don't have is technique.  Focus on technique during training and watch your speed and power multiply.

10. Finally the most important tip for beginners: The slower your train, the faster you will learn.  Training slow will help your body and mind stay together.  You will feel the movements and your brain has time to store those movements.  Training fast as a beginner or intermediate student will only make for bad habits and a longer road to reaching your potential in martial arts.

- Coach Freddy