Our Team

Knowledge, Skill, Passion, Honor & Motivation


Freddy Medellin

Head Instructor

A Dutch Kickboxing/Muay Thai instructor in Corpus Christi and South Texas. Freddy started his training in Corpus Christi in 1994. Starting in the traditional arts and then moving on to kickboxing because of the practicality of it and his growing love for the sport. He continued to improve his stand up game while practicing submission grappling in a time when not many were training mixed martial arts.

In 1999 Freddy decided to move to Seattle and train at the highly respected and world known Maurice Smith Kickboxing and Submission Center. Shortly after he began training at MSKSC, he was asked to train with and fight for the Maurice Smith amatuer fight team.  At this time Freddy began training with Maurice, Roman Roytberg, Tsuyoshi Kohsaka, Francisco Filho, Glaube Feitosa, Ivan Salaverry, Josh Barnett, Randy Couture, Nicholas Pettas, Mark Miller and many other world class fighters that would come to train with Maurice. He also continued to train with his fight team members; Tristan Wit, Scott Shaffer, John Polakowski and others.

On March 1, 2003, Freddy had his first professional fight and continued to train with some of the greatest fighters on the planet.  Freddy is the only instructor in Corpus Christi that is trained by and directly under a UFC Champion and Multiple time World Kick-boxing and Muay Thai champion, Maurice Smith (UFC Heavyweight Champion / UFC Hall of Fame).


Dustin Adams

Assistant Striking Instructor

Dustin's training started his martial arts journey with us on September 1, 2007. He came to us a life long athlete.  He walked on at LSU and made the football team.  That intensity and dedication shows while he is training here at our gym. He learns techniques very quickly and everyday he gets better at teaching those techniques to the students and fighters.

He began his amateur career in 2008 and after spending a few years improving his skills he turned pro.  He is a Professional Kickboxer/Thai Boxer, Boxer and MMA fighter. His versatility is only out matched by his fun loving nature and his pursuit of perfection in martial arts. 

He is the highest ranking striking instructor under Freddy and has earned that rank with dedication and hard work.  He has shown a lot of growth as an instructor and mentor.  He is friendly and helpful with all the members of our gym and is always willing to help everyone get better everyday.