Image by Robson Hatsukami Morgan

Little & Junior Champions

Childhood Development Through Muay Thai

At American Revolution, we value our community’s children and understand that they will one day make a bigger impact on our world. Thats why we offer our Champions Muay Thai System.  We take pride when instilling our code of conduct and social skills during our classes. We feel that martial arts is not only about the techniques and the art but more importantly about the lessons learned while training as a team and helping each other achieve goals and dreams. We teach our students how to come together and be one unit in order to make each other better with not only friendly competition but also with praise and encouragement.

We are not only preparing our kids for a future in martial arts or a combat sport but preparing them to be positive, productive, honest and hard working individuals in our community. We don't train bullies, we train leaders and we encourage our students to stand up to bullies and help those who are being bullied. Teaching life skills and positively encouraging every child so that they have self-discipline, self-confidence and a high self-esteem is important to us. Bring in your child to visit with us and try our classes, they will have a blast and you will be happy you brought them.

Little Champions

Ages: 5-8

This program focuses on giving children direction and i​nspiration while also working on bully-proofing them. Your child will be taught how to defend themselves using both verbal and Muay Thai techniques.  Muay Thai will help your child gain confidence that will help them not be a bullies target and if needed use the techniques learned in class to overcome a bully's physical attacks.  This program will help build confidence, self-control, and patience in your child.

Junior Champions

Ages: 9-12

Like the Little Champions program, this program continues the growth of finding direction in life and inspiring your child to seek out and reach goals in the gym and in life.  This program also develops enhanced physical fitness, self-defense, and social skills. Along with more detailed Muay Thai techniques, training is geared toward building confidence and positive habits in your child that will become important building blocks to success throughout their lives. This class will help your child develop the strong foundation they need to succeed in life.